About ChrisKJa

Hi! I’m Christine, last name Jacobsen, married middle name Kjær, hence ChrisKJa.

Like you, I have lots of titles and adjectives:

  • Communicator, writer, wife, and mom
  • Feminist, digital native, business communicator & content strategist
  • Sister, cook, gardener
  • Fan of the oxford comma, sarcasm, and coffee.


christine kjær jacobsen chriskja

  • On social media you can catch me @chriskja (most likely to get response)
  • christinevjacobsen @ gmail.com (also likely)
  • ….or give me a call at 30257102 (good luck….)

Background in Short

I live in Denmark with my husband and two young kids (“but willing to relocate for the right opportunity”), and used to live in Baltimore, MD, USA.  Also, I like to write things and gladly admit to being a nerd. I was born in the 80’s but I don’t really remember it.

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About this site

This site is an outlet and a showcase.

I call it a Hybrid blog: A blog or personal website that is neither personal nor professional or purely both, but may consist of any combination of  professional content, editorial stories, satirical pieces, personal stories, meta-writing, and creative writing.

Essentially, expect loads of:

  • Communications in a corporate, business, and digital perspective, such as:
  • Content, marketing, intercultural communication, digital transformation and social media,
  • …. but probably also project management, women in the workplace (and #womenintech).
  • Also expect a side of culture (organizational & US/Danish), life as a mom, feminism, and everything in between.
  • Expect more questions than answers.

chriskja coffee digitalnomad

Professional Life

The keywords for my professional life so far might include corporate communication, content strategy, marketing communication, social media, project management, tech, and omnichannel. I’ve spent the past 3 years innovating the care of tomorrow as Group Content Manager at ABENA.Before that I worked on a project basis with NBI as Communications specialist and Project coordinator.


For a detailed educational background, you should see my LinkedIn CV, but in short I have a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Maryland College Park and a M.A. in International Business Communications and English from the University of Southern Denmark. (Fun fact: I also have a minor /undergraduate certificate in Women’s studies)

In 2013 I completed my thesis about integrating social media into a corporate marketing and communications strategy. Ironically enough, one of my literary sources was Social media factbook, published by socialsemantic, aka my future employer.


Some posts are in Danish, because I need to practice writing in Danish, or because it just make sense, and sometimes I write in English, because, well, globalization. I try to tag posts with appropriate language.

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