Bad TV and a delicious stew

It’s no secret that I have a (not so) secret love for bad television.  This fall on Danish Television, I’ve been looking forward to the show “Alt for Danmark” – a show where Americans with Danish ancestry come to Denmark to compete for the chance to meet long-lost ancestors. Even though the premise/prize of the … Continue reading Bad TV and a delicious stew

A very special Thanksgiving tip

This year, as a special thanksgiving gift, I am sharing a tip that has come in handy many a time. We all know that thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks - it's also about eating as much food as possible. Turkey, gravy, mashed 'taters (or mashers, as I like to call them), green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, … Continue reading A very special Thanksgiving tip

on being a life style expert

One of my favorite programs on Danish television is "Do you know the type?" (kender du typen?). In this show, two lifestyle experts get to investigate the home of a famous Danish person. (I really should say "famous," because there is a limited amount, and sometimes they include obscure reality stars, local politicians, etc.) Then, based … Continue reading on being a life style expert

on being culturally illiterate

As many of you know, and will be eternally amused by, there are many things about the English language and the American culture that I don’t understand and several that I may never understand. There are things like the cartoons you watched as a kid, the fads that were in through your middle school years, … Continue reading on being culturally illiterate