Getting ready for meaningful moments at Komfo Summit

Next week I’ll be guesting #komfosummit for the first time, and I’m excited to experience the buzz and excitement in the new surroundings at Docken.

To get the most out of participating in any event, research and preparation is key (this is code for #indecisive). I  haven’t decided finally on which tracks I’ll be participating in, but I do know I’m already excited for several of the keynote speakers and that it’s going to be difficult to choose which tracks to attend. 

Digital Transformation, Social Media and the overarching “communication” tends to be my areas of interest, so it’s no surprise that I’m excited to see Grimur Fjeldsted on the program for a talk about AI.  He is also now associated with a local (Odense) digital transformation agency so hopefully I will have more chances to see him in the future:

If, like me, your’e into storytelling and new media, the keynote by Carlos Gil will be a must-see. I recently  heard Carlos Gil in an old podcast episode of “the science of social media” and was inspired by his take on storytelling on snapchat. Though generally more commercial and B2C than what I’ve worked with, I’m excited to see what he has to offer as a keynote speaker discussing the future of social media.

Chatbots are one of my personal new areas of fascination, so in addition to the keynote by  Fransesco Stasi (Botsupply) and Komfo’s own Jonas Als,  I hope to make it by Ditte Wolf Jacobsens presentation “A quick guide to chatbots”.

As for the rest of the program, I’m still torn and open for suggestions. I hear Chris Kubby shouldn’t be missed. With so many other interesting names on the board, It might end up with a coin-toss after I crumble up my carefully completed pro/con list.

But I’m open for feedback and suggestions: What’s a must-see? Anything you’re specifically interested in reading a review of? Are YOU presenting and would like me to come see your presentation? Feel free to comment or reach out!

I’m participating in Komfosummit with a Press Pass and will be writing about my experiences at and surrounding the Summit. 



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