The one that’s not the first post and a little bit on hybrid blogging

…. but might as well almost be, since it’s been about 3 years since I last blogged for myself.

For some of you (and by that, I mean “hi mom and dad”), this will be the return of some highlights from the old “thechristineblog“, but for all intents and purposes, this is just a new outlet for thoughts and writing.

I recently found myself unemployed, again, and instinctively, the first thing on my mind was to buy the domain I’ve had reserved for years and just write. Most of those thoughts will probably never see the light of day, because they’re entirely too personal.  But I write to live, so it comes to naturally to write it down when things are hard, when things are good, when things are confusing…. when life is life.

What to do when you’re expecting to be unemployed

A few weeks ago I participated in a networking event with #ladiesfirstdk in Odense. It was the first event in Odense. The main topic was personal branding on social media (thanks to #missmunter). While I like to believe that I know a little bit about branding, communication, social media, and strategy, putting it together to form a personal brand strategy is still new territory for me.

Somehow, working consciously and strategically with a personal brand has always been associated with something CEOs, celebrities,  and maybe big bloggers and influencers do. But why not me? Why not all of us? This is not to say that we should all be influencers and bloggers, we definitely should not be, but perhaps we should all be putting at least a bit of conscious thought into our online image, our WHY, our dreams and hopes for our lives and careers. Somehow, the old christineblog from 2009 didn’t really fit the bill anymore.

Enter the Hybrid blog

What’s a Hybrid Blog?

Now, stay with my train of thought. Around the same time, I stumbled across an article about different forms of blogging and personal websites, and found the hybrid blog: the blog that is both professional and personal. Never private, but never purely professional, and never purely personal. Just professional with a personal angle.

Just as organizations on social media are said to do best on social when they show a human, personal side, perhaps people are best when they also show a hybrid version. So I came up with my own definition to fit the bill:

Hybrid blog; def; A blog or personal website that is neither personal nor professional or purely both, but may consist of any combination of  professional content, editorial stories, satirical pieces, personal stories, meta-writing and creative writing.

This is not a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog, I cannot guarantee that it remains updated. This is just a place to vent and practice writing. To write when I need to write, to brand myself, to have a home for my writing when I am otherwise digitally homeless. My writing style often adds a personal touch or angle to the professional, so I can not guarantee that it remains entirely professional. It shouldn’t be, either.

Come learn with me.


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