Unemployed…. now what?

Although I still have a thesis defense to get through, I am now technically almost unemployed. Officially as of may 1. So, what now? Well, there are actually a decent amount of job openings, and there are plenty that I could see myself doing. So far I’ve only applied for two jobs – one was a dream job, the other was a trainee position (I’ve also applied for several this week that I do not expect to hear from for a few weeks).

The trainee position received over 150 applications and held interviews before the deadline for applying.  I got my rejection mail two days after I applied, letting me know they had already done interviews with ten possible candidates. How do you compete with that? Despite two internships with a large, international organization, I am lacking in the experience department. My experience (where others have had relevant part-time jobs) is a 19 month old little dude.

So – you should hire me. Not only am I really smart and a hard worker (my mom says so!), but I also tend to bake cookies all the time and bring them to work.

In all seriousness though, if you know someone who knows someone, or if you are that someone, check out my LinkedIn:


If you need a strong communicator with knowledge and experience with social/digital media, corporate communication, communication strategy, text production, or PR and branding, I am your girl.

I will be eternally grateful. And I will bake cookies for you.

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