Big Birthdays and Family Thoughts

We spent the weekend down south on the wonderful island of Als, celebrating a grand old lady- my grandmother. It was quite royal, with three days of celebrating, lots of cake and good food, loads of family and friends (Including my daddy!)

It’s a big deal to me that hopefully, this woman, who has had enormous influence on my life, will also be able to experience and influence Little Dude. Even the fact that he has a great-grandmother who can write him cards and pick out gifts, is pretty impressive.

In our family, she is the only remaining person of that generation. She was a feminist before it was modern; a housewife and a working mother. She was there for us when things were good, and when things were bad. She held my hand at my maternal grandfathers funeral, she took care of me when I was sick and my parents had to go to work. She could cook and bake and knit like no one else – but still read literature, solved crosswords, and travelled. In her late 60’s, she took spanish classes in evening school. For fun.

I consider her, and her husband of 57 years, my grandfather, to be two of the most influential and important people in my life. Though I am lucky to have several of these types in my life — these two rank at the top.

I think we all have a few people like this in our lives — I would love to hear more about yours?

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