a little bit of social media mindvomit

I am currently sitting on the train to Aalborg – tomorrow, I’ll be attending social media summit 2012,  hoping to learn some cool stuff than I can use for my thesis, and maybe even network a little. Cool beans.

‘Social media’ is a funny little bugger, really. Even though it is the core of my thesis, from business comm/organisation point of view, it can’t ever really be disentangled from the private, social, usage. At the very core of its definition, it has to be social – yet, all these different social media platforms are also making us, as a society, more antisocial. In my own humble opinion, of course. At the same time, it has created lots of new opportunities, and challenges, for people and organizations. In many situations, it has changed the way we interact.

It has also – oddly enough – created new needs for interaction. Eight years ago, I figured I would probably never feel the need to know the personal lives of old classmates, parents of old friends, or my dads second cousins mother-in-law. Now, facebook is a part of my daily routine. I see and ‘like’ pictures of babies; their parents are people I barely know anymore.

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