Meta meta

I blog according to the principle: myself first, family second, everyone else last. As in, I blog mainly for myself, because it is a way of expressing some of those random thoughts and ideas that would otherwise float around inside of my brain. Secondly, I blog to keep my family, in far-far-away-land, updated on my family and I. If someone else reads along as well, that’s just really super.

With that in mind, it’s been a while since I’ve felt the inspiration to write in the form of blogging. The past few months have just kept my mind busy in many other ways: a long vacation, jetlag recovery, and the very beginning process of thesis writing.  Being a mom. The past few weeks though, it’s been sneaking up in me again – little bits of inspiration and ideas; which has got me to thinking – I should write about it on the blog. Share this link and my thoughts. Post this wierd/random/funny picture.

That, and my thesis centers somewhat around social media. So, in order to preach it, I should probably get back to practicing it as well….

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