I’ve been thinking about the internet lately, and how it shows people in a very one-dimensional way.

I am often guilty of judging people by their personal sites, such as their blogs, and also, especially, by facebook. Even though I know there is much more to a person than what they portray online, I cannot help but make snap judgements. Bad grammar? racist remarks? music taste? These are things that can say alot about a person. But it doesn’t show me the entire person.

The internet can be an awfully one-dimensional place. Just because I write alot about fashion, feminism, food, and babies, doesn’t mean that that is all there is to my personality. It can say alot about what I am thinking about in that specific moment, and it can certainly showcase my personal opinions about a certain topic.


Currently, the biggest thing on my mind is my child, being a good mother, and taking care of my family and myself. That is the center of my world. But I would hate for anyone to judge me as being a simple housewife.

I write about feminism, because it is something I am deeply passionate about. But I am not a bra-burning, man-hating lesbian, and I would hate for anyone to stereotype me as such.

However, just as I am growing older and learning, some of those opinions may be growing. Hopefully, I am gaining perspective every single day, that will slightly alter some of those previously held opinions and ideas.



On a related note, I also often think about the amount of disclosure I should make about my personal life. Where do I draw the line? How can I show glimpses of my personality, my values and morals and interests, without giving away too much? I try to avoid mentioning too many names, showing personal family photos, or making too specific or radical statements regarding topics such as religion or politics. I don’t want to ruin any career paths that may lie in my future, but I also want to give an honest look into my life.


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