Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays. It’s not one that I grew up with and it’s not one that is nationally celebrated many places. And yea, it also doesn’t really have anything to do with fake friendships between pilgrims and native Americans.

Still – it is one of few holidays that doesn’t revolve around giving material gifts. Rather, it is about celebrating the gift of family (gag…). I like to believe that it is a day for love and reflection and for giving thanks. It’s also about delicious food, but at the same time I like to believe that at least some people also take the time to give thanks for the many blessings in their lives. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what culture you come from – it can still be healthy, humbling, and joyful to think of the little, and big, things that bring you joy each and every day….

So what are you thankful for this year?

I am thankful for coffee and caffeine. For cameras that allow us to capture moments and glimpses of our life. For free education and healthcare and a year-long maternity leave. I am thankful to have a dishwasher. For pretty dresses and warm fuzzy socks.

On a deeper level, I am thankful for friends and family. For an uncomplicated pregnancy and for the gift of the most precious and wonderful son. I am thankful for having food on my table every day and for a warm bed to snuggle in every night with my boyfriend and my child.

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