A very special Thanksgiving tip

This year, as a special thanksgiving gift, I am sharing a tip that has come in handy many a time.

We all know that thanksgiving isn’t just about giving thanks – it’s also about eating as much food as possible. Turkey, gravy, mashed ‘taters (or mashers, as I like to call them), green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, gravy, coleslaw, cranberry sauce, corn, gravy, and so on…

Now, most people believe that the best way to tackle this day is to avoid eating all day, thereby saving space for lots of food when it’s dinner time.

Those people would be wrong.
What happens is that you get so hungry that you eat way too fast and that you also get full way to fast.

Instead, you should be sure to eat / graze all day long in order to expand your stomach and keep your metabolism going. You should be sure to eat a good healthy breakfast and to stay hydratred. Possibly you should do a little bit of exercise. It could be a turkey trot race or just a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Then you should eat some more. Don’t eat anything too filling, just foods to nibble on that will expand your stomach – bananas are good, so are apples. Toast and cereal are also good. This allows your stomach to be fully prepared for the feast to come.

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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