On being an expert

Some of the recent debates in the news around here recently has been on so-called experts and their rights to utter their opinions on political matters. Apparently some politicians feel that this negative press from professors, authors, and other scholars should be taken personally (Søren Pind and Pia Kjærsgård – I’m looking at you).

Apparently, you can become a politican without any degree of knowledge or expertise (in theory). Not all politicians (at least in Denmark) are highly educated lawyers. There are plumbers and teachers – and of course lots of masters degrees in political science and government.

But – if you want to voice your expert opinions on EU policy, European matters, and border controls, you’re not qualified unless you have a law degree. Even though youve researched in the field for 15 years, have a phd, and published several books on the topic.

So I was thinking, I could totally be a politician. I mean, I don’t want to be prime minister or even anything totally important like Secretary of State or anything. And I definately am not capable of being in charge og money or finances or anything.

Nah, I’m thinking – Kultur minister! yeah! Christine som kulturminister. I could totally rock that. I could  open museums and go to sporting events and try to promote Denmark around the world as a highly cultured nation. I may not know a whoel lot about fine art or music, but I’m willing to learn. And I’m sure there are lots of experts out there who could teach me stuff.

Barring this whole career as a politician, I do have an alternative career in mind: Go’ morgen Danmark host. OR Go’ Aften Danmark. Just because I’m really not a morning person.

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