The most marketable sportswoman?

Probably not who you think it is…

… it’s our very own Danish tennis darling, little miss sunshine, Caroline Wozniacki, where you at.


Yes, in a study (completed by SportsPro) of the most marketable sportspeople in the world, Caroline placed #9, the top ranking female.

Usain Bolt was #1 and you cans see the entire list here.

I have to add that I think it is significant to note that since this is not an Olympic year, some of the rankings will probably look very very different next year. I foresee Michael Phelps (only #8 this year) (wtf?) skyrocketing even higher, and probably some of the basketball players as well. If Caroline wins a grand slam this year, she might move up as well.

(Personally I’m missing Ryan Lochte on the list (although he will certainly make an appearance next year!))

Sports marketing – another interesting area of communication.

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