And then I got to thinking

Have you ever thought about how certain TV shows can relate to most situations in life?

The best example, in my own humble opinion, is FRIENDS. Something happens in my life very often than can either be related to Friends or improved with a little quote from Friends. Maybe this is because I’ve just seen all the episodes entirely too many times… – or maybe it just really is that genius?

Another show that can relate to life, or so I’ve been told, is The Simpsons. Since I’ve never watched much of the Simpsons, I’m probably not the best judge. But since a lot of The Simpsons is based on parodies on real-world situations, it probably shouldn’t count.

Other than that, I think Sex and the City would be a good contender for bringing up real-life issues – even though they tend to be over done sometimes.

If you and your group of friends were the character from SATC, who would you be? Who would your friends be? I’ve actually had this discussion with a few different groups of girl friends, and it is equally entertaining each time. But really – Who would you be?

PS I like to believe I would be a combination of Miranda and Carrie.