An apple a day?

Are you an Apple person? I’m not talking about being Apple-bottomed, or eating an Apple a day (to keep the doctor away). No, I’m talking about the gadgets – the Iphone, the Ipad, the Mac, the Ipod (do people even still have Ipods?).

The reason I ask is because Apple was named the best Brand Value yesterday by the Financial Times. Branding is one of my fascinations – dare I say ‘passions’? (within academia, of course).
I must admit – I’m not an Apple person. I own one thing from Apple: it’s an Ipod from 2005 with accompanying Itunes. The Ipod is rarely in use anymore, but Itunes is a frequent visitor in our home. But I kind of wish I were an Apple person – if I had an Iphone and a Mac, I would be just that much cooler.

Why was Apple the top pick this year? Personally, I think it’s because Apple has managed to combine an essence of luxury with the idea that ‘everyone can have it.” A Mac is not cheap – but if you want it, you can probably find the money for it in your budget.

The Apple logo is cool, hip, and urban. It can make most people feel just a little more tech savvy. If you have an Iphone, you probably like to show it off. People don’t feel ashamed to show off the Apple logo. People talk about them “I looove my Iphone” or “I’m so getting the new Iphone.” And my favorite: “Mac or PC?” – as if you can only be one type of person, and Mac is clearly the cooler type of person.

Apple has also created the need for their products. They’ve told us that they are cool, that they work better than the competition, and created an image of youth around their products.

Some of the other top names: Google (previously # 1), IBM, Coca Cola, China Mobile, MacDonalds, Microsoft.

What do you think of Apple? Does the list surprise you? What Brand means the most to you in your own everyday life?

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