Let’s go to the ball!

Why don’t people have Balls anymore? I have this romantic fantasy about how in the “olden days,” people went to Balls all the time. We still have the occasional prom, homecoming, or gala, but if you are just a normal person with a normal job, there really just aren’t that many occasions for big ballgowns, tuxedos, bow ties, fancy jewelry, dance cards, good love stories….

It wasn’t even that long ago that people went out ‘dancing’ for entertainment on the weekends. Not dancing like we do at the clubs these days, but real live dancing, like two people doing a waltz or a jive.

My grandparents even hooked up (I mean “met”) when they were out dancing.

They both worked for Danfoss, and just as it is today, it was customary to take potential customers out to Dinner or otherwise entertain them. My grandma worked with bookkeeping, and at some point she made a fuss out of not getting invited to take the customers out. Why did only the men get to take the customers out entertaining? The next time the division took customers out, she was invited as well. They went to dinner and then they went out Dancing. there were places specifically made for going dancing.

She already knew of my grandfather. They both came from the same small town, and in the early 50’s Danfoss was still a smaller company. He asked her to dance, and the rest is history. Well, first he asked the bosses wife to dance, just to make sure he was polite, and also to make grandma know that he wasn’t desperate. That was over 56 years ago. This past spring they celebrated their 55th anniversary. Now that’s a good love story.

Anyway, If I were to go to a Ball, I would want to wear something like this:

I don’t remember where I found this picture. If it’s yours, I’m sorry.
Let me know and I will add a photo credit

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