on being a life style expert

One of my favorite programs on Danish television is “Do you know the type?” (kender du typen?). In this show, two lifestyle experts get to investigate the home of a famous Danish person. (I really should say “famous,” because there is a limited amount, and sometimes they include obscure reality stars, local politicians, etc.) Then, based on that home and different items in the home, they have to guess who lives there. Usually, at the end, they are given three choices to choose from, because realistically, who is ever going to know what random famous person lives in this random house? During the program, they are also asked questions like

Host: Ok, before we look inside the fridge, this is your first challenge. Do you think our person is someone who A) shops organic and fair trade, B)buys discount, or C) Doesn’t cook and has a mostly empty fridge?
Life Style Expert (LSE): hmmm well, based on what we just saw over there by the stove, with all the different little pots with herbs and spices, and the handmade olive oil dispensers and the high quality balsamic vinegar, I think this is a person who thinks alot about the food they make and the quality of that food. So I am going to say, this person is A) someone who shops organic and fair trade. People don’t put that amount of effort into their kitchen and their condiments if they don’t go all the way.. (blabla bla bla blabla) so yes, A is my final answer
Host: oh no! You were wrong. This person actually shops discount. Answer B
LSE: oh, well that would have been my second choice, you know, because often people who actually do care about their food also know where to buy locally and discounted, and they know how to go for good sales. This leads me to believe that this person is probably on the younger side, still not used to having … (blabla bla blablabla)
Host: ok…..moving on…

Now my questions is

What is a lifestyle expert? And what do they do?

(cue Aaaahnold voiceover “Who is your daddy, and what does he do?” -“my mommy says my daddy is a sex machine…”)

And, how do I become one? I think I would be a great lifestyle expert!

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