Social media discussing social media – Meta-social-media?

My newest fascination has to do with social media and social media marketing.

This might just be an excuse to let myself spend time on twitter, facebook, and blogging. In reality though, I find it fascinating the way new technology and new trends have affected – and are still affecting – the way we communicate.

It’s affecting personal relationships and the way we communicate with our friends, as well as the way we keep in touch with people we might not otherwise be in touch with. It is also causing new relationships to start and rekindling old relationships (and not just the romantic kind).

On a more academic note, it is also affecting the way organizations communicate: to customers, to employees, to competition, to the media – really to all stakeholders. The use of social media – or the “non-use” – is communicating all sorts of messages about organizations and business.

What does it say about the organization that it does (or does not) use modern forms of communication and social medias?
What messages are the organization sending through these medias?

There exists a ton of literature, research, and observations on the use of social media and its effects and effectiveness. Some of these observations exist – somewhat ironically – only in blog format.

It’s gone so far that I am now seriously considering ways that I could use social media/marketing as one of the main themes of my thesis. It is still a ways out, but it could be something that could keep me interested for six months of research and writing. And that would be truly amazing.
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