just thinking (doppelganger edition)

I suppose there are lots of ‘funny’ and random little things about knowing two languages and living in different countries and moving a lot. But here’s my story of the day (disclaimer, it’s a real ‘Christine’ story):
I was sitting outside in the sunshine, just enjoying the sun and the heat and the fact that it nearly hit 20c today. Too cold for a bathing suit but perfect for shorts and a t-shirt and a blanket on the ground (I would have been too shy and self-conscious to wear a bathing suit anyway). There are lots of other ‘kids’ around me. Some playing volleyball, viking/king game, petanque, etc, some drinking beer, and some, like me, just sitting or laying out on blankets and sucking it all in.
Suddenly, I saw Wes! Yea, Wes Blue Moose (comment if you read this, I don’t think you do though)!! Casually, I thought to myself  ‘oh, there’s Wes, that’s nice, he probably wants to enjoy the nice weather too.”
Then, I thought. “Wait a minute. Wes is in Florida. I’m in Denmark. That can’t be right.”
Obviously, it wasn’t actually Wes, it was just a look-alike. Man, was I dissapointed. I could use some more Wes (and other brothelites) in my life. The funny thing is, though, that this is something that happens and has happened, alot. I am always seeing people I ‘know’ and then realizing that they are on a different continent than me. I guess it is just confusing for my poor brain to keep people separated like that. Maybe sometimes it is just wishful thinking that I could collect the people I love and want to hang out with in one place.

Yes, this is a special kind of crazy.

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