I (heart) College Park

This is old news, but last week one of my favorite teams (the TERPS) beat one of my least favorite teams (duke). What happened next is what the students and fans of Maryland do best: a riot on route 1, complete with burning trashcans, police on horseback, and lots of chanting “f… Duke”

Amazingly, there was only one true riot during my time at Maryland. It happened in April 2006 when the Women’s team won the National Championship. I know it’s illegal and horrible and all that… but I’m a little bit proud of the UMD people for continuing this tradition. As far as the major sports go, we haven’t had alot to be proud of the last few years, so a victory against Duke should be celebrated. I do wish they could riot without burning stuff, but hey, it’s not a perfect world. (burning stuff, especially couches, is a WVU thing, so it’s really not something Maryland should adopt as well. Do we really want to be associated with WVU?)

One of the great things about Maryland is that every now and then, it is mentioned in the news or we read articles published by Maryland professors. This makes me feel all warm anf fuzzy inside. Last semester, in Corporate Communication, we discussed James Grunig (a Maryland professor for the past 40 years) and his Public Relations research (anyone who has taken any sort of PR class has probably heard about his 4 models of PR: press agentry, public information, one-way assymmetrical, two-way symmetrical).

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