The very first post

Heyyy yalll

I haven’t had a proper blog in a really long time. Do you guys remember the days when everyone had a Xanga? Yea, me too. I’ve tried to start up blogs since then but it never seemed to stick. Anyway, Erin inspired me to start this one up again. I’ve had it for a while and clearly don’t ever actually update it.

I figured this could be a good way to let people know of my adventures as I travel to Denmark and start school again. I can’t imagine that my posts will be themed or particularly intelligent or interesting. It’ll just be me. Pure me (and I know you can’t get enough of me =)).

So anyway! I leave on Sunday, which is only 5 days away. By the time I wake up tomorrow, it’s only 4 days away. I have yet to start packing. I have laundry to do. A lot of stuff from the brothel is still standing in the garage that needs to be sorted. My room needs to be cleaned. I have several dates and appointments set and errands to run. My birthday dinner is tomorrow night and my going away party is Friday night. I have a lot to do. Yet, I just started a blog. Go figure. This week is kind of like Finals week: no sleep, lots of caffeine, too much stuff to do.

On the note: I’m going to go do something productive. Although most likely it just means I’ll be going to bed and watch some late night television. Man, I’m going to miss the quality late night television from here. And Freddy Fries. We should go to Freddies one day!

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