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a blog and website by Christine Kjær Jacobsen

♦  Business Communications Specialist & Content Strategist
♦  M.A. International Business Communication & English
♦  (+45)3025 7102 ♦ christinevjacobsen@gmail.com
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the Chriskja blog

Chatbots and the future of customer-centric communication

“…this won’t be quick or easy. Implementing () requires the right technology, the right data, the right use case, the right design, and the right cultural mindset.” It could have been written 6 years ago, back when we were all wondering what to do about the brave new world of (b2b) social, but it’s actually …

What I do

I make your business look good.


I have experience working with business communication on an operational and strategic level, with a specific focus on content production and strategy for a variety of media and goals (newsletters, website, social media, blog, technical documentation, training materials, etc).

My goal is to help match and align your communications and business goals by using my extensive communications and marketing toolbox.


  • Help take advantage of new & different ways to communicate, specifically in the realm of new digital or social opportunities for your external and internal communication processes
  • Write engaging content for your blog, website, newsletter, etc.
  • Spice up your social channels – and help determine if, how, why, and with what purpose you should use which channels.
  • Create content strategy, audience analysis, analyze tone of voice, optimize website for conversions.
  • Write long reads, reports, white papers, etc.

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What’s a hybrid site?

a hybrid site

Definition; A blog or personal website that is neither personal nor professional, or purely both. May consist of any combination of professional content, editorial stories, satirical pieces, personal stories, meta-writing, and creative writing.
→ see also; the post that’s not the first post

Example: ChriskJa blog, written by Christine Jacobsen, discusses communication in a corporate, business, and digital perspective. Also expect a side of social media, culture (organizational & US/Danish), life as an unemployed mom (or as a working mom), feminism, and everything in between. She enjoys the oxford comma, sarcasm, and coffee.
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